Speech and Language services I offer

The support, advice and interventions I offer are bespoke and tailor made to meet the needs of the children and families I work with. My support is continuous throughout the therapy process as well as after it finishes. I will remain involved with your child's development via a range of communication means and will always be available for advice and support when needed. Below is a typical example of what I offer to you and your child.



Initial Consultation

It can sometimes be hard to tell if your child has a communication difficulty. I am here to discuss any concerns with you and answer any questions you may have no matter how small. Our conversation will allow me to give you the best possible advice and take you through the options available, with a step by step guide should your child need support. 

It may be that all you need is some general advice to support your child's speech and language skills at home which I will be happy to provide. 

As long as required


Initial assessment  

The initial assessment is all about developing a good rapport with your child and building up a profile of his/her strengths and needs. The type of assessment will differ depending on the age of your child and will take into account all of their needs. 

I will ensure that our first meting is relaxed, fun and engaging. The initial assessment will take place at your home and will include a short case history which will give me some important background information and assist me in making an accurate assessment.

The assessment will include a range of activities which will help me to determine your child's strengths and areas they need to develop. Once the assessment has been completed I will discuss the outcome with you in detail and give you all the advice, strategies and resources you require. Importantly I will provide you with small and manageable targets for you to work towards achieving.  The initial assessment will typically last between 60 - 90 minutes. Once the assessment is completed you will receive a summary of the session within 3  working days via email. A detailed written report can be provided upon request.


Therapy session

Therapy sessions are designed to be interactive and functional and will develop any areas of difficulty highlighted in your child's case history and initial assessment. Parents often find these sessions the most beneficial part of speech and language therapy as they can observe effective strategies being used and really develop their understanding of their child's communication needs. 

Therapy sessions typically last for 60 minutes and include a range of activities and feedback. The sessions can be worked around your schedule and support your child in the best possible way. I will leave you with advice, strategies and appropriate resources which will enable you to build upon what has been achieved during the therapy session . My focus is to provide you with the skills and confidence to turn everyday activities into opportunities to develop your child's communication. Including strategies and advice into every day life will soon become natural and is the best way to develop communication. Time durations and frequency of sessions are negotiable and tailored around your needs.