Does my child need help with talking and communicating?



It is natural to be concerned about your child's communication skills. You may be thinking 'does my daughter need speech therapy', 'I cant understand my child' or 'why isn't my son talking yet'? Dont panic! It is normal to have these questions. 

Do you feel you're little one:

  • Needs help with talking
  • Is not saying many words
  • Can't make friends
  • Mixes up words and sentences
  • Can't find the right words
  • Stammers or gets stuck on words
  • Can't use the right sounds
  • Loses attention and focus quickly
  • Doesn't follow instructions
  • Has challenging behaviour
  • Is low on confidence and self esteem
  • Avoids eye contact and cant play with toys
  • Gets frustrated and anxious

If you feel that your child struggles with any of the above or has additional communication needs, then they may need speech and language therapy support.